When you’ve discovered that you can’t handle all the items in the “Job Jar”! 

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 .......by completing the form on this page. You want to put your home on the Market Soon and Sell for the most money but can’t until these tasks are done. You decide to get someone to do it or get some assistance to help you with these tasks. So, the search begins; you call favours in from friends, brother and sisters but they are too busy now, but can help in a few weeks (maybe), you call in your parents and realize that their schedule is busier then your friends. So, you search the internet; get recommendations for handyman from others. You call these recommendations and one of a few things happen; they are solidly booked weeks out; the job(s) you have are too small for them to do; and/or the price quoted is wildly out of your budget. 


GUARANTEED Real Estate Services Inc. Brokerage and our Handyman Services. When a home is listed with Guaranteed Real Estate Services Inc. our clients have exclusive access to our Handyman for these “job jar” tasks. Some of these tasks will be Free of Charge and the longer process ones will be at a nominal hourly fee per. We want our clients stress free and to attain their timing and financial goals when making a move to a new home. You owe it to your self to obtain the list of the services Get Sold Services Inc/ Handyman offers and how you may get some these services Free.  

Client Reviews:  

Kevin has been really helpful to us. He did a great job in the basement considering he had to crawl on his hands and knees, hats off to him. Today moving the furniture, Dennis & I really appreciated the help from Kevin and the Walsh and Volk Group it took a lot of concern from our minds that we had someone to depend on. The team helped us greatly in the transition of selling the house and helping us with clearing of the furniture before closing. Kevin was very friendly and an honest person to deal with. As for the cost, I have not received a quote yet but I'm sure it will be worth all its money. I have recommended your team to people I talk to during my walks as they ask me how things were going. - Linda and Dennis


Recently, we did a move to a condominium building. We were appreciative that with the move we were not only provided the courtesy of the Walsh and Volk moving truck, we were given the opportunity to hire their truck driver/handy man - Kevin to aid in the actual move. Not only was this helpful, it saved us time and cost to look and hire elsewhere. On move in day, not only was Kevin punctual, he arrived early with our pre-loaded truck. This was an awesome way to start. He was friendly, introduced himself and was ready to get started with the move. Throughout the whole time he had a great outgoing attitude and easily carried conversation with us. He was knowledgeable with the packing of the elevator properly, he kept himself busy loading, carrying, unloading at all times and was patient, always accommodating when decisions were being made where to place/unload items. Kevin never complained about anything and worked away in an efficient manner respecting all the household items, boxes and furniture. Nothing was damaged at all. We were pleasantly surprised how timely the move was completed. Overall, the cost for hiring Kevin was definitely worthwhile and fair for the outstanding service and help he provided with our move and would highly recommend him. Thanks for the help. -Angela and Joe

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